hi my name is judy and exo is ruining my life

Anonymous: about the it's okay it's love drama, the thing is, you will cry, it will hit you like a train, you gonna be sad and all that horrible shit but it's gonna feel soo good afterwards. but you'll cry. so worth it, keep watching it

oh my gosh, ive heard so much good things about it’s okay it’s love and it’s seriously killing me cause i havent had much time lately to catch up on it! im so excited though, i love dramas that are so engaging they makes you emotional. Thanks for your input, ill definitely find time to watch it soon!!

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The ABCs of Chansoo: I for I LIKE YOU!
Giant Fanboy Ignored 99% of the Time by His Beloved Chingu
- a tragedy by Park Chanyeol.
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baekhyun screaming because he really didn’t want to leave

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what’s happening omg 

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sehun pls.

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make me choose: weekly idol or hello counselor (exo’s edition)

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dancing machines

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